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Trionics KO Blondes Lightener Back to school Special 454 g

$36.90 $27.95
  • Unsurpassed performance and results
    • Paint with precision and control—no bleeding, swelling or movement
    • Rapid lifting power up to 8 levels
    • Violet pigments counteract yellow/orange, creating dazzling, natural looking, pure blonde color
    • Hair is manageable, soft, luxuriously beautiful with mega-watt shine
  • Enriched with natural ingredients, providing the most advanced care for healthy hair
    • Guar: protects, calms, conditions and restructures the hair
    • Argan Oil: rich in vitamin E, imparts softness and moisture
    • Safflower Seed Oil: calms and soothes the scalp while strengthening hair follicles
    • Seaweed: like a protein shake for your locks, it infuses hair with health, strength and vitality
  • Surprisingly versatile
    • Extraordinary for balayage, ombre and other on-trend techniques.
    • Open air, with meche, saran, foilayage etc.; you’ll get superior results on all hair levels and textures.
    • So versatile, KO blondes can even be used like a traditional bleach—with Actuator(20 vol) in foils—for consistently beautiful results.
  • *** Also receive a free 8 oz Higher and Higher ****