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Trionics Essential 3 pack

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    Includes: Trionics Gray Be Gone 17 Volume Developer is an enzyme developer formulated for optimum coverage on gray or salt & pepper hair where hair is at least 20 to 50% gray. It's excellent for gray coverage. Works like a 17 volume developer.

    Lift-Thru Developer 50 Volume is the ultimate enzyme tint and bleach developer used for on scalp lifting action for drabbing, high lift, bleaches and tints. Lift-Thru Developer 50 Volume breaks through the gold band to eliminate gold and brassy tones. It's the strongest on scalp lifting action available. This developer works in 10-20 minutes!

    Trionics Actuator Developer is an enzyme developer formulated to accelerate lifting in tinting and bleaching by four to five times the usual rate. It works by gently lifting the scales of the cuticle layer so that the solution can penetrate the hair shaft. For lift. It works like a 20 to 40 volume!